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A few days ago I decided to try out neovim in my everyday-life workflows. I know about neovim since quite a while. Also I know about a few technical advantages compared to vim but over long time it was always the same: I installed neovim I used it a few times that day and maybe the next day I started to forget to run nvim instead of vim and… found myself using vim again since then I have a week of vacation and this time I want to make serious change and integrate neovim into my daily life for while....

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Update Lastmod Using Vim

I think it is very important to add date information about articles’ creation time and modification time. There are various ways to do this. I usually prefer when this be done by my favorite editor and so I wrote a short function: function! LastMod() if expand('%:p:h') =~ 'path/to/my/hugo-website/' let l:cursorpos = winsaveview() let l:timestamp = strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S+02:00') silent! exe ':%s/^\(lastmod:\).*$/\1 ' . expand(l:timestamp) . '/' call winrestview(l:cursorpos) endif endfunction The markdown sources are inside the content folder of my hugo website and the expand('%:p:h') of the file that is currently loaded into the buffer will show the absolute path to the directory that contains the file....

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(This is an opinion piece) Calendars are quite a big topic for me. For very long time I avoided to use CalDAV calendars. I didn’t have no special reason, like something that I explicitely dislike in CalDAV or similar. It happened, because… well… I always wondered why so many people combine calendars with eMail and CalDAV seemed to me like it’s always around eMail. I know this is not true, but…...

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